New Director

The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce has welcomed Lily Taylor as our new Executive Director. Lily is a sixth-generation Floridian from Orlando who graduated from the University of North Florida in December with a degree in communication and environmental science. She has grown up visiting Boca Grande and has fished the local waters with her family for years.

Message from Lily:

I am so excited to officially be a part of this community! I love everything about this place from the fishing and beautiful ecosystems to the warm and relaxed feel of the town. I am getting settled in the Chamber office so feel free to come by during office hours and meet me! I have lots of ideas for the Chamber and am eager to get down to business as soon as things are “normal” again, whatever that may mean. I also would love to hear what the community (business owners and residents) would like to see from me. Thank you all for welcoming me so kindly!