2020 Halloween Walk

Our annual Halloween Walk through downtown Boca Grande is coming up on Friday, Oct. 30 at 4pm! We are so excited to see familiar faces out in spooky costumes. We expect this year to be all the same fun and excitement as years past, even with a few social distancing guidelines:

All “trickers” in household/family groups only (kids, parents)

ALL wear nose and mouth coverings (parents, kids, shop personnel, on lookers).

Keep 6 ft distance between groups. Markers on sidewalks. It will be like a distanced parade.

All “treaters” with individual ziplocs of treats already made up. Packed with clean hands. Set out spaced apart on table in front of shop.

Treaters stay 6 ft back from table.

Clean hands and replenish treat bags as necessary.

No congregating before after.

Thank you for following our safety recommendations to keep yourself and everyone else safe so that we can have this event! We look forward to seeing you all there. Happy Halloween!